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Schneller IP provides a full range of non-patent intellectual property law services.
Trademark Law


Trademarks are a company's identity - they symbolize all the good feelings that customers have for the company, its products, or its services.


Schneller IP provides a full range of trademark services:


- Search and clearance of new potential brands

- US and foreign filings and prosecution

- Defending brand names against infringers and against infringement claims

Copyright Law


Copyrights protect creative expressions - traditionally, things like novels, music, and fine arts, but also important business materials like websites, ad copy, and more.


Schneller IP can assist with a wide range of copyright needs, including:


- Filing and prosecution

- Infringement and fair use advice

- DMCA compliance


Advertising Law


You've made a great product or started offering a great service, and are ready to share how great it is with the public.  What sort of claims can you make about your offerings in your advertising, and what sort of promotions can you run to build brand awareness?


Schneller IP can help with ad review, advertising agreements, and more.


Licensing Law


Depending on what kind of business you plan to operate, you may have to obtain special federal or state licenses.


Schneller IP has particular expertise with the regulations that affect the beer, wine, spirits, and restaurant industries.


Publicity and Privacy Law


State laws provide certain limitations on commercial exploitation of the name, image, or likeness of a person - the "right of publicity."  They also provide limited protections for certain private information, a corresponding "right of privacy."


Schneller IP can provide advice and consultation on maximizing publicity rights and avoiding issues with third party publicity and privacy rights.

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